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I'm so sorry for haven't updating for too long. I'm actually done with finals last week and came down with a seasonal flu this week. That was the main reason for my lack of updates. Beside, Charmaine's currently filming "Palace Scheme" so there isn't much to update on her. I also found out this week that youtube has disabled my youtube account (charlieyuk) and still feel a bit sad about it. My collection of Charmaine's fanmade MVs is gone :( I've been sick for the past few days therefore I did not make any artworks to celebrate Charmaine's birthday. My apology! I promise I'll get a new layout up shortly.

I received an online "get well" card from a friend when I checked my email today and just wanted to say thank you! The animation made me feel a whole lot better and I've recovered from the flu =) I made a new layout as a token of thanks to this friend who is a big fan of Raymond & Charmaine. At first I was thinking of making a "Drive of Life" banner but realized that I l already had that layout before. "Lethal Weapon of love and Passion" was also an option but I decided to get a little creative. I made the current layout out of Raymond's "Twins of Brothers" imges and Charmaine's "Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1999" along with "Word Twisters' Adventures". I hope you like it!

I am still in the process of organizing the website. Somehow I can't seeem to find my webpage layout folder which contains a lot of my web files. That's the reason why the website is so messy right now. Hopefully I'd be able to put them all together soon!
I've been switching from watching Korean drama to Taiwanese drama lately, but not TVB. I am really bored with TVB series, only E.U catched my interest all throughout; perhaps also Rosy Business which so far, is also a good series. The background music in RB however, is different from other series that I've watched. Humm...how do I describe it, they literally are in the background, very weak as you can't even hear them very clearly. Maybe it's because my dubbed version is different from the original version. I actually rank background music quite high on my enjoyment of a series. Just to name a few series on the top of my head: Legendary 4 Aces, Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1999, Seven Sisters, Legend of Condor Heroes 2008, etc.. to me, these series have good background music and they make the series that much more engaging and addicting to watch. I've lost counts on how many times I have rewatched the series "Legendary 4 aces".

I've tried "Men in Charge" but couldn't pull myself through episode 2. I admitt I am the type of viewers who will drop the series if I find it boring from the beginning, unless I know beforehand that it would get interesting toward the middle or the end. For now, "Men in Charge" is on hold, probably won't even come back to watch it. I'm currently watching "Love Queen", a taiwanese drama and "My 19 years old sister-in-law" which is a Korean drama. Both are good drama. Love Queen can compete with Hana Kimi on the humourous aspect. I have never laughed so hard watching some scenes from this drama. In my opinion, the lead actress: Cheryl Yang (?) shines, she's doing a great job with her role. I'm about half way through LQ and almost done with "My 19 yrs old sister in law", will give my thoughts after I'm done with them. Current recommendations:

TVB - Rosy Business, E.U/ ok series: King of Snooker
Taiwanese: Love Queen, Hana Kimi, Silence (beautiful themesong)/ ok: Romantic Princess
Korean: Attic Cat, My 19 years old sister-in-law, My Girl (I fell in love with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Dae Hae, definitely give this drama a chance!)

An artwork below, boy do I miss Julian & Charmaine!